Vnav wont engage pmdg 737 torrent

No, it wont arm on the ground, and i double checked to make sure that everyting was filled out, and it was ok, try to use lvl ch for pitch mode some min and then try to change back to vnav i tried this, and this also didnt work. However, when i engage lnav and vnav, it will not usually follow the vnav path. The activation window pops up every time i load a 600 or 700 variant. Or if vnav switch is pushed a second time before vnav engagement. Using vnav with pmdg 737 pmdg general forum the avsim. We continue in using lvl chg or vs and get an extended downwind, with a turn at 12 miles, so we end up actually low. Greetings this has happened three times with company routes. The white light will be lit after you finish filling out the required fields and you must press the exec key for it to take the data. Zibo 737 vnav problems xplane 11 general discussions. V speeds dont show on the pfd speed tape and vnav wont arm or engage. Some of the actual airline pilots here will agree that the approach logic seems working very well on pmdg 737, however the logic for the descent and geometric path is not doing. Enter 5 and line select it into the lsk 1l flaps field. Every time i start a flight everything goes well but vnav wont engage.

Tech log b777 vnav descent page problem can someone please shed some light for me. For vnav to be active, the cruise altitude in the cdu and the altitude set in the mcp must be identical. Also for this problem you could try the level change button, it will climb to maintain the speed set in iasmach. So im trying to wrap my head around the zibo 737 and have a few questions about how things operate. Make sure all the required boxed lines are filled in and hit the exec button on the fmc. The toga switch called the ga switch on the 757, 767200300 will engage the autothrottle for a goaround when pushed during approach, if not already enagaged.

The plane even flies to the destination and all but i cant seem to let vnav come on. Vnav wont engage pmdg 737ngx 737ngxu the avsim community. Wondering about ground engagement of l vnav in 737. Just watch the pfd when the green boxes light up the modes after passing 400 agl, you can engage lnav as long as some path is. If the aircraft is outside of these parameters, lnav mode will arm and engage when the aircraft moves within these parameters e. I go to engage vnav and lnav as it says in the guide which im guessing controls my heightheading in regards to the flightplan in the fmc which i programmed in, however when i press. For what technical reasons if any, would you not arm vnav before takeoff on the 737 800, if you have u10. Lnavvnav engagement procedure question pmdg simulations. Lnav will engage as long as the aircraft is above 50 agl and within 2. Also check the fmc to see if your getting any messages when trying to engage the vnav or the lnav. In 747757787 i generally set the mcp when i have my vspeeds and at that point, engage fds and lnav vnav if not heading departure all goes green, and after take off, engages the relevant modes as the climb begins. In reality, we spend most of our flying with both lnav and vnav engaged.

The green lights on the mcp mean nothing but the mode can be deactivated by pressing the button again. Fsfo 737 does not require strict adherence to standard operating procedures i. I set the altitude hold to my desired altitude, but the. Vnav will not engage unless the original flight level fl150 is dialled into the altitude window of the mcp.

If the autopilot is off, lnav and vnav still send their signals to the flight director so we can hand fly the plane the way the autopilot would if it were flying. Where the climb or descend is no where in my control. It will let you engage lnav once you are off the ground and over 400 ft agl. Pmdg boeing 737ngx tutorial 1 by thamer alahaimer issuu. Or does it have something to do with having a mix of clng aircraft in the fleet and pilots who fly both. Vnav will not work properly if you do not have the perf page properly filled out in a real plane, but im not sure how the default 737 works as theyve simplified the systems.

To increase the level of realism and fun, i recommend downloading the completely free zibo mod of the default 737. Blank crts with overhead panel problems on all 737 aircraft. So i learned the basics and made my first flights, but had one issue. The appbutton arms or eventually activates the approach mode of the flight director. Double check your perf init page in the fmc and make sure it says act perf init at the top. So in summary, rnav is a method of navigation, and lnav vnav are subsystems of the autoflight system. Ive programmed everything into the fmc correctly but still cannot engage vnav for some reason. V speeds dont show on the pfd speed tape and vnav wont. Vnav is a vertical mode that just follows a programmed vertical path in combination with the speed. Using pmdg 737 800 ngx sound in the default 737 800. Fsxpmdg official 737 ngx tutorial 1 vnav lnav youtube. Let me try to explain too, once i take off and try to engage the vnav and flight speed then aircraft itself goes to fl chg and n1 speed mode. If not, press des now on the descent forecast page in the fmc, or press lvl chg and then vnav.

The 7478, some 747400s, 777 and 787 also have an automatic autothrottle engage mode if speed drops close to stall speed with the autothrottle off, if the arm switch is armed. I have been flying this panel for more 1 month and half, and i have installed last patch, su11. Vnav lnav prior to takeoff in pmdg 737 ive watched every video on you tube and made 100 of test flight and cannot for some reason turn on vnav prior to takeoff in this aircraft. After take off i fly manually to roughly 5000 feet then, ensuring the aircraft is on the intercept route to the first waypoint usually im flying the line, i press vnav andor lnav and cmd. Ive just got a hold of the pmdg 737 package which is great, and have been using fred clausens guide to how to use the fmccontrols etc which is also superb. I could see on the map that there was a white line on my radar the flight route, so i knew that the fmc was filled in correctly. First of all, i am enthusiast flying the pmdg 737, a very outstanding panelairplane. Maybe im misreading your post but vnav spd wont maintain the desired fmc calculated path. It only happened once to me which was a few weeks ago. This is most likely caused by failure to execute the performance initialization on the perf init page. Im not sure about the exact cause of your problems but. The main 2d panel is corrupted when i open it with the vc view active. If you are below the profile and engage vnav you will get vnav alt until it intercepts the path then you will get vnav pth. It will either bank too high or if i try and fix the alt.

If you get the zibo mod for the 737 you get a vnav. We were maintaining the star using vnav then we were asked for a speed by atc so opened up the speed window fma correct with vnav spd to allow for this, then as we were slowing for flaps with the window still open when the fma changed to vnav pth and. Oddly, lnav will not engage and a cdu message states i am not on. The disconnect usually happens when the aircraft runs out of things for vnav to do alt restrictions or if it overspeeds trying to meet a. Have been a user of b737 ng and ngxu for years and i found that some of the vnav logic is not abiding to actual performance being observed on ac. I flew in a boeing 737 800 and i got the information of the flight, that i had to type in my fmc. Simply enter your email address or username in order to reset your password. Flight simulator first officer 737 edition is a utility specifically coded to work with pmdg s legendary 737.

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