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The haunted mansion is a family movie from disney that is based on the popular ride operated at disneys various theme parks around the world, starring eddie murphy as real estate agent jim evers, who is having problems balancing his work and family lives. It stars eddie murphy, terence stamp, jennifer tilly, wallace shawn, marsha thomason, and nathaniel parker. When the family comes into the mansion, theyre wet from running in the rain. A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form. Movie posters 2003 h the haunted mansion the haunted mansion 2003 frightfully funny eddie murphy leads an allscare cast of ghosts and ghouls in disneys spookiest comedy ever, the. The red couch in graceys study was used in 20,000 leagues under the sea 1954. Early on, in the scenes eric mentioned of eddie murphy exploring the mansion which itself is overthetop in a charles foster kane sort of way, there is a certain whimsical charm that works. Eddie murphy was considered for the role of the host of an unbuilt disneys hollywood studios attraction, the creatures choice awards. The curse of the black pearl, which was also released in 2003 workaholic realtor jim evers played by eddie murphy and his family wife sara marsha thomason, son. Questions and answers for the haunted mansion 2003.

A private detective specializing in missing children is charged with the task of finding a special child whom dark forces want to eliminate. This game is a disney theme parks exclusive product, based on the haunted mansion holographic ride and eddie murphy movie. Delirious 1983, he suggested that black people would never be featured in such a movie because they would leave as soon as they saw. This is the first ever haunted mansion quiz, based on the movie starring eddie murphy and the disneyland ride. The haunted mansion 2003 behind the scenes of eddie murphy movie duration. Ive always enjoyed watching eddie murphy at his best in haunted mansion. The haunted mansion cast, info, trivia famous birthdays. Eric paints the picture a bit bleaker than it needs to be, but i agree this is not a very good movie. The gracey family that haunts the haunted mansion is named for yale gracey, one of the original imagineers disney designers of the disneyland ride, which opened in 1969. The cast does a fine job with the material, and the main family led by eddie murphy is pretty relatable. Eddie murphys lapels are sort of rumpled and his wifes hair is wet.

The haunted mansion is a 2003 american fantasy comedy horror film based. He does an excellent impersonation of stevie wonder. This movie is about a realtor murphy and his family traveling to a haunted. A script was written, but the failure of the 1993 film hocus pocus at the box office caused disney to redevelop the project as a madefortv film. Subverted with iz u by nelly, as that song underperformed on the music charts development hell. Workaholic realtor jim evers, his wifebusiness partner sara and their two children are summoned to a mansion. Can you name all of these eddie murphy movies from an. If you look closely you will notice the lock is in the shape of mickey mouse. Eddie murphy is funny and a great actor i hope you enjoy my quiz. Best mistakes best pictures new this month best comedy quotes most mistakes questions movie quote quiz imdb top 250 best of 2020 the haunted mansion 2003 6 continuity mistakes. Basically, this movie is just decent, familyfriendly fun. Starring eddie murphy, terence stamp, nathaniel parker, marsha thomason. Eddie murphy would be game to do a funny superhero movie awesome art weve found around the net.

Eddie murphy had been looking to do a ghostly comedy in the vein of bob hope and abbott and costello when he learned about disneys haunted mansion film. Haunted mansion trivia quiz ha hm movies funtrivia. Apparently, haunted mansion poses the difficult question, would you rather be haunted or sued. That probably frustrated theme park tourists of the era since the attraction wouldnt open until 1969. Eddie murphy and marc john jefferies in the haunted mansion 2003 the. The haunted mansion is a 2003 american fantasy comedy horror film based on the disney theme park attraction of the same name. Murphy also said that the wig his character wore was so awful it immediately made people despise the film. The haunted mansion is a 2003 american supernatural horror comedy film based on the disney theme park attraction of the same name.

Ask anything you want to know, or answer other peoples questions. He was originally considered for the role of eddie valiant in who framed roger rabbit, along with several other actors that were considered for the role. A renaissance influenced eighteenth century mansion located in a bayou nearby new orleans, louisiana was a happy home to a family presumably the gracey family until evil forces known as the order of shadows, led by atticus thorn has terrorized the mansion including the family. Directed by rob minkoff, the film is written by david berenbaum and stars eddie murphy, terence stamp, nathaniel parker, marsha thomason, jennifer tilly, and dina spybey the film was theatrically released in the united states on november 26, 2003 and is disneys. In the eighteenth century, wealthy landowner gracey is the proprietor of gracey manor.

Some questions require some thinking andor background knowledge. The haunted mansion 2003 movie mistakes, goofs and bloopers. I never did get the chance to see haunted mansion in theaters when it first came out. Directed by rob minkoff, the film is written by david berenbaum and stars eddie murphy, terence stamp, nathaniel parker, marsha thomason, and jennifer tilly. A movie about a haunted mansion sounds scary doesnt it. The haunted mansion is a video game that was released in 2003, based on the attraction and film of the same name.

By the time they get to the dining room, theyre dry and eddies suit looks like its been pressed. When she gets to the haunted mansion, she is in a pink suit. The haunted mansion is a film based on the attraction of the same name that was released on november 26, 2003. It was theatrically released in november 2003 and wasnt quite as successful at the box office as pirates of the caribbean. The haunted mansion full screen edition by eddie murphy music. The haunted mansion is one of disneys ventures in adapting their theme park attractions into movies. Haunted mansions problem is that it is 2 movies in one and the result is that it succeeds in being an amusing, fun little eddiedisney effort and not much more. Fantasy, comedy, horror film about a family that is summoned to a mansion. While trying to save their planet, the aliens encounter a new problem, as their ship becomes smitten with an earth woman. The haunted mansion film haunted mansion wiki fandom. Now, with the help of supernatural psychic madame leota, they must hilariously battle to break the mansion of. Jim evers is a workaholic real estate agent who has little time for his family, wife, sara, teenager daughter, megan, and tenyearold son, michael, who has arachnophobia. However, he turned down the role afterwards and later regretted it. In a november 2011 interview with rolling stone, eddie murphy stated that he made this movie for one reason.

See more ideas about eddie murphy, comedians and eddie murphy movies. With eddie murphy, elizabeth banks, gabrielle union, scott caan. For a film called the haunted mansion, it really should be called haunted manor or phantom mansion since the plot spoiler alert is based on the phantom manor ride aka the disneyland paris version of the haunted mansion. It keeps the mechanics of the original game of life, but this version follows stories surrounding the people in the 4 stretch paintings at the beginning of the ride. In the scene where eddie murphy is going into the crypt, he takes one of the lit torches.

Paramount agreed to release the nutty professor 1996s rights in exchange for finishing his deal with the studio. Early teasers for the film featured an entirely different mansion. Development of a movie based on the haunted mansion began as early as 1990. Haunted mansion frighteningly bad as much as the flick is fun and has some thrills, it doesnt have enough real scares in it, which is a bummer for. A realtor and his wife and children are summoned to a mansion, which they soon discover is haunted, and while they attempt to escape, he learns an important lesson about the. Although a ghostly gracey is never officially named in the ride narration or press, the name has long been associated with the disembodied ghost host in the attraction through fans speculated narratives contrary to. The haunted mansion eddie murphy stars as a real estate agent whose family comes facetoface with 999 grim, grinning ghosts in the creepy old gracey manor. They included a lot of the aspects of the the haunted mansion ride, which perfect since the movie is based off of the ride itself.

In the early 90s, when dreamworks jeffery katzenberg was head of the walt disney studios, he wanted to produce movies based on theme park attractions. The haunted mansion film starring eddie murphy was not the first attempt to tie a movie to the ride. All eddie murphy movies ranked trivia about haunted mansion. With eddie murphy, marsha thomason, jennifer tilly, terence stamp. Whether hes portraying a child, a grandma or an elderly man, its tough to mistake him for someone else.

When eddie murphy and his family first arrive at the mansion and are checking the locked gate, there is a quick shot of marsha thomasons hands holding the lock. Directed by rob minkoff, the film is written by david berenbaum and stars eddie murphy. The pop band barenaked ladies did a cover of grimgrinning ghosts in 2003 for the film the haunted mansion which starred eddie murphy. It is written by david berenbaum and directed by rob minkoff. Katzenberg commissioned a haunted mansion script, but it languished in development.

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